Faculty of Economics Cluj-Napoca

“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest

Accredited and awarded the qualification “High Degree of Trust”

The establishment and accreditation of the Faculty of Economics in the Cluj-Napoca university center stems from the belief of the university founders that a higher education school is born and consolidated in acknowledged university centers.

The mission of our Faculty is to provide instruction, education and research at a high quality standard for the training of professionals in the fields of accounting, financial audit, management information systems, and business administration, who will be able to develop their own business or work in national and international companies. To this end, we offer a Bachelor's Degree program that continues with a Master's Degree program and postgraduate studies:







The educational process is carried out in a modern building, built in accordance with European standards; it has 3 amphitheaters, 15 seminar rooms, modern laboratories (computer science, computerized accounting, foreign languages, etc.), wireless internet, library with two reading rooms (a classic one and a computerized one), and a rich collection of books and magazines. All this would be of no value without our highly competent academic staff, who have a rich didactic-pedagogical and practical experience, are enthusiastic and passionate about the modern approach of the instructive-educational process, and use the latest and most effective teaching-learning-assessment methods that stimulate not only the advancement of knowledge, but also the definition of undergraduate and master’s students’ personal identity. We are the promoters of value- and performance-based education, focused on developing students’ abilities and personalities; we offer solid academic instruction that combines the national curriculum with the international one used by the most prestigious national and international universities in this field. All subjects are based on multimedia materials; modern means of transmitting data and information are used in the teaching process. Our Faculty is the place where each and every student is important. We promote the formation of a community of academic values that are observed by empowering and encouraging positive behavior and not by coercion.

All students are guided and encouraged to develop their own skills and vocations that will help them create a successful future for themselves. Our practice involving small classes and groups of students makes it possible for the members of our academic staff to get to know their students and to pay special attention to the personal development of each student.
The "Current Issues of Economic and Social Thought, Science and Practice" scientific communication session is held annually, with national and international participation, and it has reached its XXIII edition. The Center for Economic Research and Business Consulting established within our Faculty is the primary place where our academic staff, master’s students and undergraduate students develop and become known in the field of economic research.
5180 bachelor students and 1171 master students have graduated from our Faculty since its establishment until the present day, and over 80% of them work in the field. Of these, a significant percentage have developed their own business or hold management positions in the business environment, public institutions, banks, etc. This is due to the fact that the degrees earned at our Faculty have and will have a certain academic value that guarantees rapid integration of our graduates on the labor market or the development of their own business. We will continue to distinguish ourselves for the seriousness and high quality of our educational process and research. We aim to achieve a level of excellence in scientific research, to rank among the leaders that provide high quality higher education, and to develop opportunities for continuing education in the fields of accounting, financial audit, management information systems, and business administration.

Our belief is and remains: the seriousness and outstanding quality of our educational process, and our attachment to the economic truths.

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